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What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Foot Health Practitioner?

In our Practice, the skills of the clinicians in routine footcare are the same, only the title is different.
Where we do differ is in regards to biomechanical assessment, orthotics and complex presentations. Mike will refer such presentations to Sarah or Judy where necessary.
You can be assured of a high level of care, expertise and professionalism from either Sarah, Judy or Mike.

We should emphasise that these are our words and not the definitive explanation.

Common Presentations

Ingrowing nails
Ingrowing nails can be very painful and if left untreated can result in an infection developing.

Corns develop at points of extreme pressure. Pressure applied to the corn can cause severe pain.

Fungal Nails
Nails can become fungally infected, which can result in discolouration and brittleness.

Verrucae are caused by a viral infection and can spread with ease in warm and moist conditions.

Hard Skin
Hard Skin can become very thick and yellow-ish in colour. It can also be painful to walk on.

Involuted Nails
The nail can become mishapen and dig into the surrounding skin.


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